Me? Well, I'm a big time animal lover. Aside from Charlie and Minnow, my adorable cats, I have Rusty, Jozi and Loki, my goofy little dog pals. I'd have more if I could. Being a dogwalkerallows me to reap the benefits of your dogs. Plus, I'm a big fan of keeping our furry friends happy and healthy. There are so many instincts that dogs need an outlet for; like running, chasing each other, playing tug-o-war, retrieving sticks or balls and exploring new surroundings with their noses. Whatever your dog's needs are they will be achieved during our outings. By the way, my dogs join us for our play groups; so, if you have a smaller dog there is plenty of play time with other little ones.

I will:
-keep it fun for the dogs
-provide lots of exercise
-meet the needs of every dog
-make it a safe journey there and back
-provide leashes and healthy treats

Your pooch will:
-have a rompin' good time
-enjoy an hour of activity in the fresh air
-dig me and his/her other pals
-do just about anything for a treat
-come home ready for a nap
count on you to make sure he/she
-is fully vaccinated
-nuetered or spayed
-is protected against fleas & ticks
-has a snug collar with current ID tags 
-is licensed with Animal Care and Control

Oh,in case you're wondering, I'm:
-insured with Pet Sitters Associates, LLC
-certified in Pet First Aid and CPR
-an experienced professional
-friendly to the Environment


Contact me:

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What's offered:
-1 hour off leash group fitness romps(3 day / week minimum)
-overnight boarding in my home

Group Fitness Romps

per group


per group(2 dog household)


both groups(AM and PM)


walking clients


non walking clients